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B'Zerk Derby Skate Wheels 94a (4 pack)  **Closeout**

B'Zerk Derby Skate Wheels 94a (4 pack) **Closeout**

$ 24.99 

B'Zerk Derby Skate Wheels Schitzo Yellow - 62mm x 44mm x 94a - Hollow core lightness and slick wide surface makes this wheel great for coated concrete/cement, freshly coated wood floors, masonite, new sport tile, banked tracks. Sold in packs of 4 B'ZERK Wheels feature a true hollow core hub (cap and core), making it super lightweight, fast, and giving it the perfect amount of flex.
- Compound - High Quality
- Size - 62mm x 44mm
- Durometer - (94A - Slick)
- Hub Style - Hollow Core
- Comes in packs of 4