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Chaya Karma Skate

Chaya Karma Skate

$ 329.99

Chaya Karma Skate

Chaya Karma Skates are a comfortable and stylish package designed to dominate the skate parks. The Karma Boot has soft suede leather uppers and a padded cloth liner that fits and feels like a sneaker. A fiberglass and nylon shell provides good support and allows precise control over the skates, which are mounted to a 20° composite Shari plate. The plate is anchored by two mounting bolts dead center in the plate, called Dual Center Mounting. This creates a very natural balance and allows for direct power transfer straight through the plate into the kingpins and truck assembly. Finally, Octo Momentum park wheels sit underneath, a dual density 58mm park wheel that shreds bowls like nobody's business!

Chaya Karma Boot
   Suede Leather Uppers
   Nylon/Fiberglass Shell
   Padded Cloth Liner
   Heat Moldable

Chaya Shari Plate
   Fiberglass reinforced baseplate
   Dual Center Mounting (DCM) ready
   20° Action
   Casted aluminum trucks 
   Power toe
   Offset toe stop
   Jelly Interlock PU-Cushions, 84A

Octo Momentum Park Wheels
   100A durometer
   58x32mm (16mm Contact Width)

Wicked ABEC-7 Bearings

Chaya Controller Stopper
   Natural/synthetic rubber mix
   Long stem
   Flat head

Chaya Sizing Chart
Skate Size Foot Length (mm)
36 230
37 237
38 243
39 250
40 257
41 264
42 271
43 274
44 281
45 287
46 294
47 301