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Chicks in Bowls Universal Sliders  Medium ***Closeout***

Chicks in Bowls Universal Sliders Medium ***Closeout***

$ 55.99 

Chicks in Bowls Universal Sliders

Universal Sliders mount to the bottom of your quad roller skates.
Sliders enable you to stall, drop in and slide on the coping.

Universal Sliders are perfect for cross-discipline skaters.
Play roller derby or street skate with our sliders attached.
They’re so lightweight you won’t even know they’re there.

Universal Sliders designed to create a solid base for drop-ins and stalls, and slide across the coping with ease. Created for multi-purpose rollerskate set ups.

100% Radical ★ 100% Made to Slide
Designed in New Zealand
Made in New Zealand

Each set comes with 4 x CIB Universal Sliders, full mounting hardware and installation instructions.

Combine with Grind Trucks and CIB Wheels for the ultimate ride.

For more information including plate, compatibility click here
For full installation video click here

*Wheel bite may occur with wheels larger than 59mm