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Grindstone Bolt on Deadstop - Red -

Grindstone Bolt on Deadstop - Red -

$ 28.00

Deadstop Bolt-On Heartstoppers

Deadstop rubber gives skaters more controlled stops with less slide! Have a strong yet pliable stick for advanced toe stop tricks, stalls, and dead stops + no more slip when running out of bowls!    

Bolt-On Heartstopers are compatible with roller skates that require bolt on toe stops. Options are Scarlet Begonia, BB Pink, Amber & Black Metal.

YES, they work on impalas and other roller skates that require bolt on toe stops.

Not sure if you need bolt on toe stops or adjustable toe stops? check your skates! Is there a hole in the center of your stop that a bolt goes through? You need bolt-on

No hole but a threaded stem sticking out of the back/into your plate that is tightened with a washer/nut or allen tool on the side of your plate? You need adjustable stops(option is also available on the site)