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Crazy Skates Radon

Crazy Skates Radon

$ 699.00

Crazy Skates Radon Package


  • DBX8 Carbon Pro Boot – Racer Cut, Full Leather, Fully heat mouldable, with exposed-Hand laid Carbon Fiber sole for the pinnacle of rigid, lightweight performance. Soft pig hide lining extends the life of your skate.
  • Venus Plate – Anodised Silver, 20 degree action, 3 sets of cushions *(Options for coloured plates, trucks and lightweight kingpins available).
  • Bounce Toe Stop – Spherical bottom, long lasting, non marking, high rebound for extra agility.
  • Jinx 93a Slim wheels
  • ILQ-9 Gold Bearings by TwinCam.

When skating is your life and performance is everything, you need the best of the best. The DBX8 Carbon Pro quad boot from Crazy Skates is an integration of everything that is DBX, with the unrelenting performance pedigree of hand laid Carbon Fiber. The flagship skate of the Crazy Skates brand, where nothing but the best materials, technologies and design are combined to create this remarkable skate.

This boot features striking black polished leather curves and unmistakable red racing accent with windows to its exposed Carbon fiber chassis. This superlightweight performance boot wasn’t made lighter by taking out features, instead we put more in. The boot is more heat mouldable than any of its DBX predecessors (previously the most heat mouldable boot on the market) by combining ABS mouldable upper counters AND a heat mouldable Carbon fiber base. The internal lining of the boot has been upgraded to pig hide which provides incredible durability while staying soft and quick drying. Crazy’s Patented Heel Lock Technology is built into a new low cut roller leather collar to give a truly supportive yet race inspired feel. This new racer cut sits lower and has a more snug fit in comparison to other DBX models – giving you an unparalleled level of connection to your plate.

 The signature power strap and cinch straps made famous by its DBX predecessors maintain the performance edge over your competitors by keeping your foot right in the power zone with no sliding. The reinforced construction of our leather combined with ABS counters gives you the confidence to know that your boot will not stretch out or blow out like the boots you have seen elsewhere.

To allow you to fine tune your stance, this boot allows you to choose your heel rise. With a removable heel wedge you can choose to have heel lift for a quick toed style. Or, remove the wedge to lower your centre of gravity for the ultimate flat sole performance feel - getting you as close to the floor as possible. Included as standard is the signature Crazy toe cap, a solid, lightweight toe protection with an incredible wear rate and a handy habit of saving your toenails and boots from being kicked or scuffed by other skaters. It holds the boot leather away from your toes, because happy toes = happy skating.

Every aspect and detail of this boot has been meticulously designed with the discerning athlete in mind. This boot offers you all of the support your feet need, in the lightest and most durable boot possible. There is no point skating in a super light boot, if your foot is sliding, rubbing, burning and numb. The efficiency of your movements makes all the difference over a long bout or competition. This boot stands strong on the scales next to the lightest boots on the market – yet offers you so much more.

Go ahead, make your comparisons - But when skating is your life and performance is everything, you need the best of the best - The Crazy DBX8 Carbon Pro.


What is a DBX?

The Crazy Skates DBX range are a family of performance boots specifically designed for the modern roller derby game. Subtle changes in each model cater to the personality and style of the individual skater, the pinnacle of which is the entirely custom DNA custom DBX boot – a totally unique expression of your personality. Each and every DBX boot is built with a signature set of features that give these skates a distinct performance advantage that must be felt to be believed. If you believe that aching feet, tingling toes, black toenails, blisters and calluses are all an unavoidable part of skating…. You haven’t tried a DBX yet.

No matter how or where you skate, Crazy DBX Skates have the support, durability, science and versatility to take your skating to the next level – and beyond.


To enhance your skating experience, DBX  boots offer some of the highest levels of support and highest level of heat mould ability of any boots on the market. It is essential to keep your feet balanced and supported evenly across the whole of a skate boot. This way, you are not exerting pressure on any one part of the boot to achieve an overall result – you can use your whole foot to control your skating movement. No single feature can create this feeling in a boot. So, to achieve this, a number of Patented features within the DBX boots work together simultaneously to provide  skaters with a complete level of support. 

This support system and HLT (Heel Lock Technology) helps  skaters  by keeping feet aligned and comfortable while offering toes, ankles and arches the support and protection they need. Keeping feet aligned and supported is not a pretty subject to market and advertise, but we happen to think that is the most defining feature of any boot.  Like the strength of any building, it is only as strong as the foundations it stands on, your skates are no different.  Once your feet are correctly seated in a boot and that boot supports your ankles - promoting a low centre of gravity through the distribution of your weight through arch support, heel lock and a variable toe box, you have all of the elements to promote an effective and efficient skating technique.  The DBX boot is one of the few skating boots on the market today to achieve this.

Heel Lock Technology is a patented system unique to the DBX boot that eliminates heel lift from the ankle out of the boot with a combination of strategically placed padding and support straps. This system also prevents lateral movement in the toe area and stops your foot from sliding forward when you stand on your toe stops.

The combination of heel lock technology, heat moulding and specially designed power straps to keep your foot locked in place while you play - Maximising the comfort and efficiency of your movement. This keeps you performing powerfully while other skaters battle with fatigue and strain.  With a stable foundation, your skating skill will increase dramatically because you are no longer losing energy in your stride with heel slip. With your feet firmly fastened, you are able to direct your energy to your game and your technique.


All DBX boots provide you with high quality orthopaedic footbed innersoles. This is evidence of our total commitment to ensuring a supportive and comfortable skate boot that truly performs. Arch support is vitally important in any skating boot and it has been totally overlooked by most major manufacturers of skate boots on the market today. Everyone has different feet. Everyone requires individualised arch support. Sometimes, different arch support is required on each foot. The DBX provides this support by including fully adjustable footbeds that use movable micro inserts to give you arch support in the height and location that is right for YOU. The footbed technology provides a support for the arch that is just one part of the total system of support that has been designed for the DBX range.

Heat moldability:

The Genius of the DBX boot construction is that it is lined with a rigid internal structure of ABS counters. These counters come to life when heated, becoming totally pliable so that you can wrap the boot around your foot and set it to the exact shape you need. These counters then set, leaving your boot solid and supportive – but in the shape of your foot. A totally custom fit! This gives you a boot that fits like a second skin, spreading your body forces across the largest possible surface area within your boot. This all but eliminates the many discomforts associated with skating boots. This process of heating and setting your boot into shape can occur countless times, to adapt to your changing needs and progressing skating techniques.

For those who have been told that they need a custom boot for their ‘strange feet’, DBX boots can be made extremely narrow or extremely wide, or both. The only fixed parameter is the length of the boot, everything else can be formed for YOUR feet.