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Kryptonics Route 62, Route 65, or Route 70 (8 pack)

Kryptonics Route 62, Route 65, or Route 70 (8 pack)

$ 54.95

Kryptonics Route wheel has long been the benchmark for all outdoor wheels to be judged by. The oversized profile and consistent feel of the highest-grade, high-rebound urethane means that you will be rolling smoothly over sidewalk cracks, uneven streets, or cruising on the beach path.
Try the standard Route 62 (62mm height) for most skating, or upgrade to the Route 65 or Route 70 (65mm or 70mm) if you want to really roll over the competition. Shorter wheels are more agile, but taller wheels have a faster top speed, and roll more easily over road obstacles. Some roller skaters have even taken to calling their Route 70's "monster truck wheels." Check it out for yourself!
*Most adult skates will easily take up to 70mm wheels, but most kids skates will take only the Route 62.
Outdoor High-rebound 78A

Sizes and Colors
Route 62 (62mm) - Red, Blue, Black, Clear
Route 65 (65mm) - Red, Blue, Black, Clear
Route 70 (70mm) - Red, Blue, Clear