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Sure Grip S75 Avenger Aluminum

Sure Grip S75 Avenger Aluminum

$ 337.00

The S-75 leather boot with stitched leather with lace ankle strap and improved counters. All new aluminum Avenger plate short mounted featuring the DA45 truck, Sure-Grip Fugitive MID wheels, Qube Juice bearings, and a Carrera toe stop. The DA45 truck is exclusive to Sure-Grip international and has become the fastest selling skate in the derby market today. The DA45 is optimized for derby and this package is a great intermediate / advanced skate package. This is the only skate you will ever need for derby.

S-75 all leather performance boot. Premium leather inside and out. Double counter for improved feel and durability for both speed and derby. Stitched leather sole. Fit is similar to the rebel, skaters that wear the rebel should size this boot the same.

Sizes 4-13