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Sure Grip Grind Blocks

Sure Grip Grind Blocks

$ 49.99

Sure Grip Grind Blocks

Sure Grip Grind Blocks are specially designed to fit the Avenger and Avanti plates for those skaters looking to enter the skate park scene! These are made from a material called UHMW which creates durable blocks that are designed to help you achieve a similar feel to the traditional aggressive skate soul plate without having to hang up your quads. These will allow you to grind smoothly without putting extra wear on your baseplates! 

Compatible with Avenger and Avanti in both Magnesium and Aluminium options and comes with hardware required for installation. Un-mounting plates is required to install, We suggest purchasing new mounting hardware to remount.

  • Sizing:
    • Small - Size 4 - 5 plates
    • Medium - Size 6 - 7 plates
    • Large- Size 8 - 9 plates