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10 Mar '15

Review on Zombie 95A 59mm

Posted by Amy Frilot in Reviews, roller derby, wheels

 March 10, 2015


Buy here: http://www.empireskateshop.com/collections/roller-derby-wheels/products/sg-zombie

Wheels: Sure-Grip Zombies - 95A Red Core 59mm Low
For use on sticky surfaces, track, or soft skate court where a hard wheel is desired for increased roll.

I tested the Zombies on an outdoor court and an indoor skating rink. I was currently skating on some 93A but was having some problems with slipping in the corners. I was searching for a wheel that would give me enough wheel grip while crossing over in my turns without making me work so hard for the speed. This wheel did just that! Not only did I have the speed, I didn’t feel like I was losing traction in the corners nor did it slow me down. I also noticed my stops were better, especially my plows, and I felt more in control of my skates. They handled very well and felt very smooth as I rolled out.

I would highly suggest this wheel to the skater wanting speed on the track without sacrificing the grip or stopping power.

Tawnya Knock-Her
Prison City Derby Dames
Chino, California


22 Nov '14

Opening Day

Posted by Amy Frilot
We opened on Saturday, November 22. We had many visitors.