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One stop shopping for roller derby, skateboarding, and fun stuff! Check out the links for local roller derby in Southern California.

Go see some roller derby! Local bouts and Open Scrimmages

**Click on the link of the Home team to get more information.  Go have some fun and support local derby!

Scrimmages in Blue

Local Home Games in Red

Away Games in Black  

4/29/17 Dirt City Roller Rats vs Heavy Armher Roller Derby and Taft Westside Wheckhers @ Victorville
5/13/17 Coachella Valley Derby Girls vs Heavy Arm-her Roller Derby @Barstow
5/20/17 Whine Makers vs. Central Coast Roller Derby (WFTDA Sanctioned)
5/20/17 Infinity Roller Derby Super Novas vs Orange County Roller Derby @Huntington Beach
5/27/17 LA Renagade Rollergirls vs East Valley Roller Derby @Covina
5/27/17  Dirt City Roller Rats vs Rough Diamond Rebels and CVDG  @ Victorville
6/3/17 Away Inland Empire Derby Divas vs Hidden City Derby Girls @ Oceanside

6/10/17 Grapes of Wrath vs Foothill Foxettes, Whine Makers vs Foothill Foxy Flyers @ Winetown

6/10/17 LA Renegade Rollergirls vs Battalion of Skates @ Camarillo

6/24/17 Grapes of Wrath vs. West Coast Derby Knockouts Uppercuts, Whine Makers vs. TKO's (WFTDA Sanctioned) @ The Rinks, Corona

6/24/17 Infinity Roller Derby vs Badfish Roller Derby @ Cypress

7/1/17 Away Dirt City Roller Rats vs SFV @SFV

7/8/17    Rough Diamond Rebels vs North County @ NCDA
7/8/17 Home Wine Town vs. North County Derby Alliance, Temecula, CA
7/15/17 Inland Empire Derby Divas vs Infinity Roller Derby @ Infinity
8/19/17  Rough Diamond Rebels vs Silicon Valley @ Silicon Valley
8/19/17 Away Winetown vs. Orange County Roller Derby, Huntington Beach, CA
8/26/17  Rough Diamond Rebels vs Ventura @ Ventura
8/26/17 Dirt City Roller Rats vs South Coast Roller Derby @ SC
8/26/17 LA Renagade Rollergirls vs Cal Skate @ Home
8/27/17 Heavy Arm-her Roller Derby vs Foothill Foxy Flyers, Location tbd
9/9/17 Inland Empire Derby Divas vs Dirt City Roller Rats and HARD @ IEDD
9/16/17 Wasteland Roller Derby vs Infinity Roller Derby @ Wasteland
9/17/17 LA Renegade Rollergirls vs Rose City C-team @ Portland
9/30/17 Away Double Header vs. Hidden City Derby Girls, Oceanside, CA
10/14/17 Dirt City Roller Rats vs OC Roller Derby @ OC
10/20/17- 10/22/17 Away Wrecking Brawl Tournament, Taft, CA
10/21/17 Dirt City Roller Rats vs NCDA @ Oceanside
11/11/17 Dirt City Roller Rats vs Foothill Foxy Flyers @ Victorville

11/11/17 Away Wine Town's Grapes of Wrath vs Delta Dolls, Whine Makers vs Alpha Pack @ Cal Skate

11/4/17  Rough Diamond Revels vs Infinity @ Rough Diamond Rebels
11/21/17 Foothill Foxy Flyers vs LA Renegade Rollergirls, Drive-by City Rollers @ Fontana
12/2/17 Rough Diamond Rebels vs Infinity Roller Derby, Location TBD


RESULTS and SCORES for 2016 and 2017

3/19/16 Dirt City Roller Rats (250) vs Wine Town Grapes of Wrath (127)

3/26/16 Away RDR (L) vs Coachella Valley Derby Girls (W) @Coachella

4/16/16 Away IEDD (248) vs Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls (94)

4/16/16 LA Renegades (244) vs OC Roller Derby (233)

4/30/16 Foothill Foxettes (185) vs Grapes of Wrath (129), Foothill Foxy Flyers 179 vs Whine Makers (191)

5/14/16 Away PCDD (100) vs ACDG Road Ragers (302)

5/21/16 Away IEDD (151) vs Orange County Roller Derby (128)

6/4/16 Hidden City Derby Girls (308) vs Grapes of Wrath (150), Hidden City Derby Girls 114 vs Whine Makers (234)

6/11/16 Home IEDD (175) vs Foothill Foxy Flyers (206)

6/18/16 Home PCDD (129) vs OCRD (154)

6/18/16 South Coast (253) vs Whine Makers (91)

6/25/16 Away, Carlsbad, Coachella Valley Derby Girls (L) vs North County Derby Alliance (W)

7/9/16  Home Foothill Foxy Flyers (132) vs Beach Cities Riptide Rollers (227)

Foothill Foxettes (124) vs Beach Cities Sea Vixens (288)

7/9/16 Badfish Roller Derby (W) vs. BorderCity Rollergirls (L)

7/9/16 Away Coachella Valley Derby Girls (153) vs ACDG Road Ragers (216) 

8/13/16 Away High Tide Derby (134) Vs North County Derby Alliance (222)

8/20/16 Away in Oceanside, FFF Flyers (267) vs HCDG Beachside Bullies (95), FFF Foxettes (249) vs HCDG Beachside Bruisers (175)

8/20/16 Away Wasteland Roller Derby (238) vs West Coast Derby Knockouts (99), Ventura CA

8/27/16  Away Dirt City Roller Rats (363) vs Ventura County Battalion of Skates (86)

9/10/16 Away in Carlsbad, FFF Flyers (202) vs North County Derby Alliance (195)

9/10/16 Peninsula 120 vs Whine Makers (134)

9/17/16 LA Renegades (438) vs Rebeltown Rollers (100)

9/24/16  Battle of the Inland Empire hosted by Prison City Derby Dames, Winners 1st place: Wasteland Roller Derby, 2nd place: LA Renegades, 3rd place: OC Roller Derby

9/24/16 Corona, Wine Town Rollers, Grapes of Wrath (204) vs North County Derby Alliance (189), Whine Makers (140) vs SoCal Derby Cuttlefish (176)

10/1/16  Home Wasteland Roller Derby (W) VS North County Derby Alliance (L), Click here for info

10/15/16 Grand Terrace, IEDD  (143) vs DCRR (207), The Final Boutdown

 11/5/16 FFF Foxettes (159) vs. North County Derby Alliance (253), FFF Flyers (270) vs. Dirt City Roller Rats (134) Click for info

11/12/16 Palmdale, Wasteland Roller Derby (111) vs Whine Makers (151)Grapes of Wrath (260) vs Coachella Valley Derby Girls  (172)


2/11/17 Inland Empire Derby Divas (156) vs OC Roller Derby (264) @OC Click for info!

2/13/17 IEDD (170) vs LARRG (254) Scrimmage @Cal Skate Click for info

2/25/17 Winetown vs Beach Cities, Grapes of Wrath (241) vs. Sea Vixens (186), Whine Makers vs. Riptide Rollers @Temecula

2/26/17  East Valley Roller Derby (249)  vs Infinity Roller Derby (127) @ Yucaipa. 

3/11/17 Foothill Foxy Flyers (203) vs North Count Derby Alliance (207)

3/18/17 Winetown Rollers Grapes of Wrath (307) vs Dirt City Roller Rats (128) and Whinemakers (115) vs the Earthquakes (256) @Temecula  

3/18/17 LA Renegade Rollergirls (W) vs AZ Renegades (L) and an Exhibition bout with Drive-By Rollers (Men's derby) @West Covina 

3/18/17 Inland Empire Derby Divas (150) vs SFV The Wipeouts (260) @OC  

3/25/17  Rough Diamond Rebels (209) vs SFVRD Fer Sures (289) @ SFV 
3/25/17 Foothill Foxy Flyers (407) vs Badfish Roller Derby (103)  @Cypress 
3/25/17 Winetown Grapes of Wrath (158) vs ACDG Road Ragers (222)
ACDG Shore Shots (217) vs Beach Cities Riptide Rollers (135)
4/1/17 Foothill Foxy Flyers (298) vs Inland Empire Derby Divas (73)
4/8/17 Westside Rollout (MRDA/WFTDA 6 Team Tournament)
West Coast (220) vs LARRG (117)
LARRG (96) vs Baja (281)
Baja (182) vs West Coast (83)
4/22/17  Rough Diamond Rebels (207) vs Wasteland (335) @ Wasteland
4/22/17 Grapes of Wrath (169) vs Ventura County's Battalion of Skates (172),
Whine Makers (149) vs. V-town Roller Derby (136) (from Visailia) @ Temecula 
4/22/17 Away Inland Empire Derby Divas vs NCDA @ Oceanside
4/22/17 LA Renegade Rollergirls (470) vs Cal Skate (46) @Santa Maria
4/22/17 Orange County Roller Derby Pulp Friction vs SFVRD Click for info