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Wine Town Rollers

Located in Temecula, CA

Website: Wine Town Rollers  Adult & Youth Roller Derby Available

2/25/17 Home Double Header vs Beach Cities, Temecula, CA

Grapes of Wrath vs. Sea Vixens

Whine Makers vs. Riptide Rollers

3/18/17 Home Double Header vs Dirt City, Temecula, CA

4/22/17 Home Double Header, Temecula, CA

Grapes of Wrath vs VCDD Battalion of Skates

Whine Makers vs. Visalia Darlins

5/20/17 Home Whine Makers vs. Central Coast Roller Derby (WFTDA Sanctioned)

6/10/17 Home Double Header, The Rinks Corona Inline (FFF)

Grapes of Wrath vs Foothill Foxettes

Whine Makers vs Foothill Foxy Flyers

 6/24/17 Home Double Header vs. West Coast Derby Knockouts, The Rinks Corona Inline

Grapes of Wrath vs. Uppercuts

Whine Makers vs. TKO's (WFTDA Sanctioned)

7/8/17 Home Wine Town vs. North County Derby Alliance, Temecula, CA

8/19/17 Away Double Header vs. Orange County Roller Derby, Huntington Beach, CA

9/30/17 Away Double Header vs. Hidden City Derby Girls, Oceanside, CA 

10/20/17- 10/22/17 Away Wrecking Brawl Tournament, Taft, CA 

11/11/17 Away Double Header vs. Cal Skate

Grapes of Wrath vs Delta Dolls

Whine Makers vs Alpha Pack

Past games

Whine Makers  191  /  179  Foothill Foxy Flyers

Whine Makers  234  /  114  Hidden City Derby Girls

Whine Makers    91  /  253  South Coast**

Whine Makers  134  /  120  Peninsula Roller Girls**

Whine Makers  140  /  176  SoCal Derby Cuttlefish

Whine Makers    52  /  210  West Coast Derby Knockouts**

Whine Makers  151  /  111   Wasteland

Whine Makers     62  /  315   SoCal Derby Kraken**

 **WFTDA Sanctioned Game

 Grapes of Wrath  127  / 250  Dirt City Roller Rats

Grapes of Wrath  129  / 185  Foothill Foxettes

Grapes of Wrath   76   / 123  Outlaws Roller Derby

Grapes of Wrath   83   /  91   Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls

Grapes of Wrath  82   / 43    Pacific Coast Recycled Rollers

Grapes of Wrath   71    / 118  Sonoma County Roller Derby

Grapes of Wrath   150  / 308  Hidden City Derby Girls

Grapes of Wrath  204 / 189   North County Derby Alliance

Grapes of Wrath   106  / 259   West Coast Derby Knockouts

Grapes of Wrath  260 / 172   Coachella Valley Derby Girls