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Bionic Bigfoot Stopper

Bionic Bigfoot Stopper

$ 20.00

Bionic BigFoot is our premier derby stopper for all playing positions. Bigfoot is shaped for optimum grip and control. Materials/compounds are formulated for extreme grip and longevity.

  • #1 in Grip

    Absolute best stopper on slick cement.

    Great for all surfaces (due to the grip characteristics of this compound, wear will take place faster on grippy surfaces).

     • Footprint 59mm

     • Long lasting: The proprietary compound has proven to outlast the competition up to 10 X longer (with the grip model).

     • Pre-angled eliminates break-in, provides maximum contact to the skating surface which gives absolute best grip, stability and control.

     • Angles cut on backside eliminates any chance of wheels rubbing, causing major drag/friction. This holds true for wheels.

     • Up to 70mm in diameter. You can have your trucks at your desired tension without worrying about wheels rubbing on your stopper.

     • 5/8" X 30mm shank, American Standard Thread (industry standard). Accommodates all plate models with 5/8" AST.

     • Thin/low profile for more rebound/energy return and allows you the option of having more clearance between the stopper and floor.

     • Non-marking