Bionic Super Stoppers

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Bionic Super Stoppers

Bionic Super Stoppers: One of the longest lasting stopper on the market today.

Bionic Super Stopper is a proven staple in the derby community. This stopper has been recognized as the best stopper in derby for all surfaces. The combination of grip, longevity and footprint size makes Bionic Super Stopper hands down the best in its class.

Bionic Super Stoppers are appropriate for today’s high-performance roller sports and the demanding skater. Perfect for all skating surfaces, Bionic Super Stoppers have a large footprint, (45mm), for maximizing grip, stability and agility.

Features include:

  • 30mm stem length
  • 5/8” x 18UNF stem thread
  • American Standard Thread
  • 45mm footprint

(Sold in 2pk)