Bones Bearing Tool

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Bones Bearing Tool

The Bones Bearing Tool: The easiest, handheld, pocket-sized bearing tool around, this unique design makes it easy to swap out bearings on the go. Using a simple push-button stopper, you can pop bearings right out of your wheels, and snap new ones back in. No more prying, no more bent axles, just press the button, place inside the bearing, release the button to release the lever, and pull straight out. To press a bearing back in just hold down the button, pop the bearing on the tool, release the button to release the lever, and press the bearing into the wheel. The stem of the tool lines up perfectly with the inner race to press the bearing in smoothly and evenly without smashing the shield. Works on metal hubs, too, because it pushes/pulls straight out without having to pry.

The Bones bearing tool features a coated surface for comfort and a punch-out for adding your own key ring. This will probably be the last bearing tool you ever buy, and a must for every skate bag.

Works on all 8mm skate bearings.