Bont Suede Toe Caps

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Bont Toe Caps in Suede

Nice large toe cap for wider boots

The Suede Bont Toe Cap is beautiful.  Using toe protectors to protect the toe area of your roller skates has never been more accessible or more affordable. Designed in Australia, using high-quality Australian leather, the Bont Roller Skate Toe Protectors are durable and extend the life of your skates. These Bont leather toe guards are excellent at protecting your roller derby skates. 

Roller Derby is a contact sport. Consequently, rubbing and dragging of the toe area on hard surfaces often result in the boot materials wearing out. In other words, extending the life of your roller skates for future roller derby events is crucial. These toe protectors also work extremely well with outdoor roller skates or roller derby skates.

The Bont Roller Skate Toe Protectors are incredibly durable. Additionally, the protector uses 100% Australian leather and is designed solely to extend the life of your roller skates and fit on any brand of roller skates with removable toe stops. Yes, any brand!

Extend the life of your roller skates and roller derby skates today by using the high-quality Bont Roller Skate Toe Protectors.

Bont also makes flat toe guards.