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CIB Reckless Wheels (4 or 8 pack)

CIB Reckless Wheels (4 or 8 pack)

$ 40.00

CIB Reckless Wheels (4 pack)

GRN MNSTR and Reckless Wheels is honored to collaborate with chicks in bowls to help CIB develop wheels for the ever growing park and ramp skaters. Throughout 2015 we have dedicated our time to developing a range of wheels that bring out the best in park, street and ramp skating.

Brought to you by Reckless Wheels, the CIB Skate Team has taken their shared experience of park, ramp and street skating to design a unique wheel range that takes from the best of artistic, derby and skateboarding, combining the design with a special formula that minimizes your chance of flat spots. Poured in the heart of California with designs dreamed up by the CIB crew in New Zealand, these wheels have been tested from coast to coast across America, Australia and New Zealand and it is our pleasure to release them to you!

CIB Reckless Wheels are the first wheels designed specifically for aggressive rollerskating.

Three to choose from:

Street: 55mm, 98a

Park: 58mm, 98a

Ramp 58mm, 101a