Grindstone Lone Star Toe Stops - ASSORTED COLORS -

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Black Metal
BB Pink
Scarlet Begonia
La La Lavender

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Grindstone Lone Star Toe Stops

Grindstone Lone Star Toe Stops:  Made of the same high quality 100% natural urethane rubber as our Deadstop Heartstoppers, this teenie weenie in betweenie is small like a jam plug, but thick like a toe stop. Perfect for a range of skaters, Lone Stars can help ease skaters into transitioning to jam plugs & allow street and park skaters to dial in toe stop stalls & tricks while still offering quick, powerful stops. Due to their size and performance, Lone Stars come in short stem only.

Deadstop rubber gives skaters more controlled stops with less slide! Have a strong yet pliable stick for advanced toe stop tricks, stalls, and dead stops + no more slip when running out of bowls!  


Sadly, these Heartstopper toe stops are NOT compatible with Impala Roller Skates or any other roller skates that use bolt on toe stops.  You can find these on the site under Bolt on.