Luminous LED light up Quad Wheels - Sixies - (4 Pack)

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Luminous LED light up Quad Wheels - Sixies - (4 Pack) 

Order 2 packs of Luminous Wheels for a full set.  Feel free to mix and match colors.

Luminous LED wheels are one of the most popular light-up wheels for roller skates.  These come with spacers that make the light work.  Make sure to tighten that axle nut on axle.  These do have to be tightened a bit to make it work.  If you have trouble with the nut, some have turned it upside down to get it on there.  Make sure the nut is at least flush with the axle.

Lumionous Wheels are a softer compound of urethane to work outdoors as well as indoors.  If you want a harder wheel for indoor, go with the 100a or 97a Glitter pearl wheels.

NEW Luminious wheels with 6 LED lights!

Durometer: 85a on most colors except for Black Glitter (100a) and White Glitter (97a)   100a and 97a wheels will be used for indoor skating.

Size: 62mm