PowerSlide Inline Skate - USD Sway 60 XXI -

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PowerSlide Inline Skate - USD Sway 60 XXI -

Powerslide's USD Sway 60 XXI aggressive inline skates are throne-like hard boots with wide soul plates, thick padded comfy liners, new Kizer Fluid V flat frames & 60mm wheels.

The USD Sway 60 XXI Aggressive Skates have a simple, yet effective shell that offers a lot of support and shock absorption. The price got many skaters to try, and their performance has kept them coming back so that it has become one of the most popular aggressive skates from USD.

 USD Basic Liners have dual-sizing to make things easy, and our comfortable out-of-the-box (removable - not heat-moldable). The added shock absorber adds comfort and reduces the impact on gaps. Kizer Fluid V UFS Frames have a great groove for flat setups like this one. USD Team 61mm Wheels and Wicked Bearings.

Model Year 2021
Skate Type Aggressive
Skill Level All Levels
Weight 1720g (US 8.0-9.0 EU 41-42)


Construction Glass-Fiber Reinforced Plastic
Cuff High
Liners USD Basic Dual-Fit - Removable
Heat Moldable No
Closures Cuff Buckle
Standard Lacing
Mounting UFS

Material Glass-Fiber Reinforced Plastic
Mounting UFS
Length 9.6" Axle to Axle (245mm) Sizes 5.0 - 9.0 
10.5" Axle to Axle (268mm) Sizes 10.0 - 12.0 
Removable Yes
Adjustable No
Stock Wheel Setup 4x60mm
Max Wheel Size 61mm
Axles Two-Piece 8mm

Wheels USD Team 60mm 88A
Bearings Wicked ABEC7
Brake N/A
Axle for Brake Removal N/A
Skate Tool Included