Rollerbones Elite Roller Skate Wheels - 8 Packs -

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Rollerbones Elite Roller Skate Wheels (Set of 8)

RollerBones Elite wheels are just that, Elite. Made from our high grade TDI formula to give you the best roll and grip for sure footing whether it be for dance, figure, or just grooving on the floor.

Colors: Black, Clear, Red, White

Durometer (hardness): 101a or 103a

Great for dancing and park skating.

Roll One Distribution is a sub division of Skate One Corporation, manufacturers of the world's finest skateboard and roller skate products. Roller bones wheels are made to the highest standards, right here in Santa Barbara, California. We have an excellent reputation and are best known for our quality and innovative products, which differentiates us from our competitors.

  • Roller bones team wheels have proven competition shapes poured in a high rebound, easy to ride, medium hard, long-lasting formula
  • This technology costs a little more but if you need the ultimate in roll, grip and wear, this is the wheel for you
  • This material was developed by Roller bones & introduced in the early 1990's
  • It has been copied but not duplicated, making this wheel & urethane unique