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Crazy Skates PU Cushions 4pk

Crazy Skates PU Cushions 4pk

$ 8.00

Crazy Skates PU Cushions are high-density, high-rebound cushions designed for Crazy Venus & Apollo Plates. The top cushions fit neatly through the trucks, actually putting it in contact with the bottom cushions, which come in two conical varieties - agility & stability. The stability cushions promote a consistent, steady ride while the more sharply-angled agility cushions are highly responsive!

All three cushion types require uniquely sized retainers, so if switching cushion types be sure to pick up the appropriate Crazy Cushion Retainers!

  • Set of Four (4) Cushions
  • For Crazy Skates Apollo and Venus Plates
  • Hardnesses:
    • Soft (Yellow Green)
    • Medium (Clear)
    • Firm (Blue)
    • Snapback, White