El Oro Madre Gear Spray 4 oz (Assorted Scents)

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El Oro Madre Gear Spray, 4 oz

The OG: Lavender, Tea tree, Patchouli

The Rambler: Peppermint and citrus

This roller derby gear spray is handcrafted in Joshua Tree, California and specially formulated for tough fearless skater gear.  The spray contains food grade alcohol; a strong disinfectant that won't damage pads.

The Flavors!  The OG essential oil blend has lavender, tea tree, and patchouli.  This powerful combo disinfects while killing fungus and bacteria.  Patchouli may get a bad rap in some crowds, but this uplifting essential oil is packed with many beneficial properties! ....OR maybe you'd like to try the invigorating peppermint citrus, The Rambler....this Essential oil blend has disinfectant properties that keep bacteria at bay while stimulating the senses.

All while packed in a brown tinted plastic bottle to protect the essential oils from the sunlight....and the long narrow shape fits easily into your gear bag!  Enjoy!