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Krampus Funeral Service Skateboard

Krampus Funeral Service Skateboard

$ 69.99

Krampus Skateboards Funeral Service Reissue

 Assorted Veneer Colors and Sizes: 8.25", 8.375", 8.5", 8.625" Shaped, and 9.0" Krampus Skateboards hailing from Badlands, California, founded in 2011 rose to great heights in the Southern California Skateboarding scene and sent shock waves world-wide. Krampus Skateboards burnt hot and fast from 2011-2014.

The factory that produced the decks burnt down, along with all the shapes and screens. Ultimately, financial short comings brought the beast down. The beast however, is not dead and is resurfacing with the reissue of the 12th graphic "Krampus Skateboards Funeral Service". More reissues and new graphics are eminent. In search of more lost souls, Krampus Skateboards lives on. Often imitated, never duplicated.

*inquire about assorted colors in-stock*