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Monkey Loob 4 OZ

Monkey Loob 4 OZ

$ 7.99

 MONKEY LOOB 4 ounce bottle

Monkey Loob is a WAX TYPE DRY LUBE that is solvent based with a little rust preventative added which helps to displace water from anything you put Monkey Loobon.  It dries clean and leaves behind a non visible waxy residue that helps to lubricate and prevent against rust and oxidation.  BIKERS WILL LOVE MONKEY LOOB Since the lube DRIES CLEAN it will not pick up any excess dirt OR GRIME ON YOUR CHAIN.    

With Roller Derby becoming one of the fastest growing sports in the Nation, it's no wonder we wanted to share this wonderful product with skaters.  There is no longer a guessing game as to which cleaner you should use when cleaning your skate bearings.  And, no more questions about proper lubrication after cleaning, or wondering if you have any protection at all.  Monkey Loob takes all of the guess work out of the equation for you and guarantees great protection and lubrication for your bearings, leaving them running quicker and smoother than ever while also extending the life
of the bearings, saving you money!   Watch our YouTube video demonstrating our bearing cleaning system, or follow the instructions below.

The best thing about Monkey Loob is that it is not only great for skate bearings, but it is also great for lubricating and cleaning your bicycle chain, hinges, overhead doors, garden tools, tools, gears, cars, guns, or really anything that needs a little bit more cleaning power and a little protection against oxidation and rust.  With the formula being solvent based, the Monkey Loob is very thin and will disperse into even the smallest of areas to give you long lasting protection!