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Gumball® Toe Stops

Gumball® Toe Stops

$ 20.00

Gumball Toe Stops are designed and made specifically with roller derby in mind. Manufactured by Grn Mnstr (the people that brought you Antik Skate Boots) with natural rubber and an aluminum stem (to reduce weight), with the perfect balance of grip and durability necessary for fast starts and quick stops. The NEW redesigned Gumball stops are now available with even more durability and a pre-molded flat spot for more useable surface area and fancy new colored stems. The #1 toe-stop in derby is back, at the same price, refined for skating surfaces including wood, sport tile, polished and unpolished concrete, masonite, banked track and outdoors. They are still available in both standard (30 mm) and short (17 mm) versions, catering to your preference and skating style.

Surprise! Colored stems are mixed and packaged randomly and come in blue, green, magenta and red. 

Mini/Short // 17 mm
Standard // 30 mm