Radar Domino Wheels - 4-Pack -

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Silver 98a
Gold 101a

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Radar Domino Wheels (4-Pack)

Radar Domino Wheels come in packs of 4, buy 2 for a full set!

The Radar Domino wheels are designed for all types of indoor dance skating. The Domino offers a sensational combination of quickness and control and is unmatched for tricks. At 50mm tall, transitions, spins, and crazy legs are easier to perform and fast to transition in and out of. The 98A and 101A hardness offerings give skaters options for their style and conditions of the rink floors. Sold in packs of four wheels. To order a full set of wheels, be sure to set your quantity to two.

Disclaimer: Due to the size and ground clearance of the Domino wheel, it may not be compatible with all non-PowerDyne branded plates. 

Radar Domino Features:

  • Made in USA
  • Width: 31mm
  • Height: 50mm
  • Material: Premium urethane
  • Color/Hardness: Black with silver print - 98A, Black with gold print - 101A
  • Skating discipline: Rhythm, Dance, Session, Shuffle
  • Category: Indoor performance
  • Hub Type: micro
  • Sold in packs of 4 wheels