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Riedell R3 Derby RS

Riedell R3 Derby RS

$ 175.00

Riedell R3 Derby Plus (Now Called R3 Derby RS)

If you’re looking to get started in derby, there is no better option in the entry level class than the R3 Derby Plus! A favorite with skaters since it debuted, the R3 boot features class-leading build quality – including a special grade of vinyl that is more durable than standard vinyl and a detailed boot construction process that was developed from our decades of boot-making experience. Derby is a demanding sport though, so to ready the R3 for derby use, we added black tough scuff leather toe caps to prevent abrasion, reinforced PowerDyne Thrust nylon plates for a firm base, and Radar Pop wheels that grip on all kinds of surfaces.

Upgrade: Take a look at PowerDyne Magic Cushions for your plates – they’re inexpensive, easy to install, and they provide a very progressive and confidence-inspiring feel to your skates. They’re available in multiple hardnesses to suit your exact needs.

 Boot: R3 Black
 Plate: PowerDyne Thrust Nylon
 Wheels: Radar Pop 88a, 91a, 93a, 95a
 Bearings: Zenith
 Toe Stop: Midi Gripper
 Sizes: 1-14 Full Only - Medium