Sure Grip Zombie Wheels (4 pack)

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Sure Grip Zombie Wheels (4 pack)

Pre-packaged in sets of 4.  Buy 2 sets for one pair of skates.

Sure Grip Zombie wheels are made in the USA.  Zombie wheels feature anodized aluminum hubs for maximum durability and precise feel while maintaining rock solid stability. This allows our unique urethane compounds to deliver all your power to the floor.  Choose the Zombie combination that fits your skating style and surface.


  • Zombie 62mm Max – 42mm full width wheel design for maximum grip and stability.
  • Zombie 62mm Mid – Slimmer 38mm width for increased lateral response.
  • Zombie 59mm Low – Smaller 59mm outer diameter and slimmer 38mm width wheels provide instant acceleration and increased lateral response.


  • 89A Purple Core – Polished concrete and other slippery surfaces for insane grip. Can also be used as a pusher wheel.
  • 92A Black Core – For use on coated surfaces and tile. Loaded with an insane mix of grip and speed.
  • 95A Red Core – For use on sticky surfaces, track, or soft skate court where a hard wheel is desired for increased roll.
  • 98A Core - Extra firm for insane speed on coated floors, tracks, and soft skate court.

The Zombie core is machined from a solid billet of aluminum, using the same manufacturing processes as we use to make our famous Power Trac racing plates. This increases strength and allows us to machine the hub to a tighter tolerance than any other hub on the market. Creating the perfect fit between bearing and inner core.

Cores are then treated with a special anodizing process to increase hub durability and urethane bonding. This technology is unique to the Zombie wheel line.

Zombie Insane Urethane is specially formulated to our exact specifications that were developed from 75 years in the skate wheel business. What makes this wheel different from the rest?  All wheels are poured using a precise time schedule to ensue product quality throughout the range.  Typically wheels are poured over time, sometimes days. This can change the characteristic of a wheel poured one day vs. another or even morning vs. afternoon.  This timing is what make the Zombie wheel the most unique wheel on the market.

Tired of new wheels not performing like your last set?  The Zombie wheel will never have this problem.