Sure Grip Monza Wheels - 8 Pack - Assorted Colors

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Sure Grip Monza Wheels (8 Pack)

The Monza wheel is a brand new wheel in the Sure-Grip line of products. This brand new compound was designed to work better than its predecessor, the Power Plus wheel. Completely redesigned to offer a better look and feel in every way. A cross between our Zombie and Cannibal wheels, grip of the Zombie and speed of the Cannibal. Perfect for every day skating but also great for speed skating. 62mm x 42mm profile. Sold in 8 packs. Made in USA.

Purple - 93a
Grey and Red - 95a
Teal - 98a

We recommend using bearing spacers and wheel spacers with this product.

Due to production limitations certain product characteristics might vary slightly. For more information please call us directly. 

Sold in 8 Packs