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Zippy Adjustable Children's Skate

The Zippy adjustable children's skate: Just about the most adorable thing you will ever see is a tiny little kid out there rolling around with ease, the best way to make that happen is to start them early on their Zippy children’s adjustable roller skates!

The Zippy starter roller skates are one of the few shoe skates for kids available for sizes down to a Juvenile 7 (also referred to as a toddler 7), it can then adjust all the way up to a Youth 1.

High quality nylon, heavy-duty Velcro, and strong aluminum alloy rivets are combined to make the most durable toddler roller skate shoe ever created. The adjustable sizing system allows children with shoe sizes ranging from 7J to a size 1 (toddler/youth) to have a safe, comfortable first-time skating experience.

The Zippy is an affordable and fun roller skate for beginners learning the basics of roller skating!